Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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#Cancer #Overdiagnosis

What is overdiagnosis? This refers to the detection of cancers that would never cause harm:— National Cancer Inst (@theNCI) June 30, 2017 Q: What is cancer overdiagnosis? A: Cancer overdiagnosis is the detection of asymptomatic cancers, often through screening efforts, which are either non-growing, or so slow-growing that they never

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#Rid #World #Polio

Cases have been greatly reduced, but why is it taking so long to rid the world of polio? — CNN (@CNN) June 12, 2017 When first deciding to rid the world of polio, Rotarians knew that it would have to be a team effort, explained Germ, whose fundraising efforts earned

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#Microbes #Digestive #Tract, #Mental #Health

New research suggests gut microbiome plays a role in bipolar disorder — (@PsyPost) May 16, 2017 “Recent studies have supported the gut microbiome, the collection of microbes in the digestive tract, as important for mental health,” the study’s corresponding author, Simon J. Evans of the University of Michigan, told PsyPost.

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