For the introvert, Christmas is definitely not the most wonderful time of the year; withdrawn and reflective sorts often fear the festive season, with the office party ranking most stressful of all. “Many people think that introverts are shy, but introversion is really not related to shyness at all,”Continue Reading Is there a better use of my time? I believe that to be the most beneficial rule of thumb. Using that rule of thumb before making even minor decisions can make the difference between being productive, worthy, and in control of your life versus feeling ineffectual and overwhelmed. ForceContinue Reading

Want to boost your well-being while you’re on social media? Try these three tricks. — Psychology Today (@PsychToday) November 10, 2019 1. Reframe your experience The ability to regulate and manage our emotions crucially affects how we experience negative emotions, and therefore, how resilient we are. One strategy, inContinue Reading 1. Anxiety shuts down your rational brain. When you get anxious, your amygdala fires up, sends chemicals to your frontal lobe, your rational brain, and it goes offline. 2. Anxiety is generally about the future. While anxiety can take several forms — generalized anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorderContinue Reading “We wanted to see whether Google searches on ‘anxiety’ indicate people’s felt anxiety. And we wanted to see whether we could use Google search rate to improve our understanding of anxiety.” Japan’s government periodically conducts a nationally-representative health survey, which includes a widely used measure of psychological distress andContinue Reading As scientists seek to understand how the disorder develops, there is growing consensus that the origin is largely biological. This view is based in part on studies pointing to subtle physical traits that have a higher incidence among pedophiles. “The biological clues attached to pedophilia demonstrate that its rootsContinue Reading Continually forgetting to do something is another sign of passive aggression to watch out for. Some people are generally forgetful, disorganized, or easily distracted, but there are limits to how much forgetting you should put up with if people are otherwise mentally healthy. The reason people deliberately forget, orContinue Reading