Service users and researchers in HICs have advocated strongly for access to peer support for people with SMI [20, 21, 22]. In recent years, peer support has been adopted into policy in many English-speaking HICs (USA [23], Australia [24], New Zealand [25], Canada [26], UK [27]). The spread of peer support isContinue Reading In a world first, La Trobe University research has shown how peer-led support programs for family and friends who provide regular support to an adult diagnosed with a mental health condition can significantly improve carer well-being. When carers were surveyed at the completion of the eight-week program, researchers found:Continue Reading Peer-support involves people who have recovered from gambling addiction, and is a service that health advocates say has been missing for a long time. “Outcomes from peer services are as good as if not better than conventional services, yet there currently are no funded peer-support positions within gambling harmContinue Reading

Peer learning involves a new role for the students who facilitate the learning of other students. The role of the peer facilitator, which is focused on learning through supporting the learning of other students, would appear to be more social than the traditional role of learner, which is focused onContinue Reading