In 2017 Better Blokes has been supported by a grant from The Trusts Community Foundation. “The Trusts Community Foundation was established in June 2010. Our mission is to provide funding for a wide range of clubs, charities and community groups – in fields as diverse as sport, arts, culture, healthContinue Reading Funding criteria The Foundation supports charitable organisations whose work fulfils one or more of the following purposes: To assist in the promotion of financial literacy To provide opportunities for all New Zealanders to achieve economic and social independence To provide access to learning opportunities that prepare people for meaningfulContinue Reading   The Trusts Community Foundation Limited (TTCF) is a national not-for-profit company primarily established to distribute funds generated from Class 4 gaming machines operated in some Licensing Trusts outlets, privately owned Hotels and a Bowling Club throughout New Zealand. See a list of our gaming venues. Previously TTCF operatedContinue Reading

Foundation North has offered Better Blokes support for a number of years and we are very appreciative of their help. Foundation North holds in trust for the Auckland and Northland communities an endowment, or putea, of over a billion dollars. This comes from the sale of the community’s shares inContinue Reading