How Mentally Strong People Respond to Snarky Comments. They Know When to Speak Up And When to Shut Up Mentally strong people understand when to be assertive and they’re not afraid to speak up. But they also recognize that it’s sometimes best to ignore someone who is using snarkyContinue Reading

35 real photos that highlight the "sham" of perfect parenting: — HuffPost Parents (@HuffPostParents) July 30, 2017 A group of artists and moms are exposing the messy reality of parenting for all to see. Erika Roa, Lacey Monroe and Natasha Kelly are the founders of “Sham of theContinue Reading “When Facebook say that they’re hiring 3,000 moderators, I’d say two things,” she told an audience at the Hay Festival. “You’ve two billion members, one post a day – that’s two billion pieces of data. No good, having 3,000 moderators. “And secondly, I have a major ethical problem withContinue Reading

"Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind." ~ Dean Koontz #mindfulness — Everyday Mindfulness (@mindfuleveryday) May 23, 2017