In recent years, a steadily increasing volume of data has demonstrated that peer victimization — the clinical term for bullying — impacts hundreds of millions of children and adolescents, with the effects sometimes lasting years and, possibly, decades. The problem is even recognized as a global health challenge byContinue Reading

Today we celebrate what would have been Mama Florence Onyebuchi “Buchi” Emecheta’s OBE 75th. She was of Nigeria’s novelist who migrated to the UK, where her themes were around child slavery, motherhood, female independence and freedom through education #BuchiEmecheta #NdiIgbo — Sudan 💔 (@Florence_Adaobi) July 21, 2019 FlorenceContinue Reading

Awareness-raising/media campaigns are difficult to evaluate and there is no clear evidence that, in isolation, they prevent violence. There is some evidence that domestic violence campaigns targeting perpetrators can be effective, particularly when they focus on motivators such as the impact on children. There is also evidence that campaigns targeting discrete communities, suchContinue Reading

BBC News: Australia’s elder abuse scandal ‘beyond belief’. Campaigners say that rapacious relatives suffer from “inheritance impatience” and that disrespect and abuse is underpinned by ageism.“These sorts of things are similar to the attitudes and the discrimination that occurs around race and sexism,” says Jenny Blakey, the manager at SeniorsContinue Reading