Sir Frederic Truby King CMG (1 April 1858 – 10 February 1938), generally known as Truby King, was a New Zealand health reformer and Director of Child Welfare. He is best known as the founder of the Plunket Society. King was born at New Plymouth on 1 April 1858, theContinue Reading

Kyle MacDonald Disassociation – What Is It and What Treatments Are Available 18:00 – 29 Jul 14 Dissociation is a psychological process whereby someone disconnects from reality, their thoughts and feelings, or loses memories and their sense of identity. It is a coping mechanism from the mind, toContinue Reading

Deadly Ebola virus threatens West Africa – one of the deadliest diseases known to man — nzherald Video (@nzheraldvideo) July 29, 2014 Related articles Ebola Virus Could Spread Worldwide, Experts Warn New Fears About Ebola Spread After Plane Scare Ebola Virus In West Africa Just a Plane RideContinue Reading

Spread the word, not colds and ‘flu! Check out these tips for preventing the spread of winter illnesses. — ARPHS (@aklpublichealth) July 29, 2014

Stigma is dead. Stigma was eradicated years and years ago in many people who suffer from no-fault biological diseases. For example, stigma used to exist in men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer. It also existed in people with no illness at all: gays, lesbians, the left-handed andContinue Reading