5 Early Warning Signs You’re With a Narcissist http://t.co/fl94zlQLdy via @goodmenproject — rajean (@rajean) September 27, 2014 5) A High Need for Control: For the same reason narcissists often loathe the subject of feelings, they can’t stand to be at the mercy of other people’s preferences; it reminds them thatContinue Reading

Do you have social phobia? | http://t.co/ce4F12QVvr http://t.co/pNElfm8dYn — Kyle MacDonald (@kylemacd) September 28, 2014 If you feel overwhelmed by these extreme feelings, it’s likely you are suffering from social anxiety disorder or social phobia. This kind of phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes a person to feel soContinue Reading

HuffPost Living 8 tips on how to recognize someone with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder http://t.co/e4Tzw4oiTr https://twitter.com/HealthyLiving/status/515991819902283777 11:30 – 28 Sep 14 Bryan 0274826341 operations@betterblokes.org.nz Sent from my Windows Phone

Denial is a psychological way of coping – find out how denial is a part of trauma and dissociative disorders… http://t.co/4ozQWooIaj — TraumaDissociation (@TraumaDID) September 27, 2014 Denial is common in Dissociative Identity Disorder, and exists in any disorder caused by trauma. Denial is a psychological defense mechanism,[1]:24 it playsContinue Reading