Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Caffeine has a positive effect on memory @HopkinsMedicine

Coffee lovers, rejoice: Caffeine has a positive effect on memory: http://t.co/sxeFBOxrnk — Dr. Leonard Gordon (@drlengordon) October 6, 2014 Recent Johns Hopkins University research indicates that caffeine may enhance long-term memory. Participants who were given 200-miligram caffeine tablets after studying a series of images were better at distinguishing these same images from

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Twitching Learning

When babies sleep, they sometimes twitch. It doesn't mean they're dreaming, it means their brains are learning http://t.co/Yrie9LfIn7 — The Conversation (@ConversationUK) October 5, 2014 Related articles Sleep twitches teach babies how to move Twitches During Sleep Activate The Brain In a Unique Way, Study Finds Sleep twitches light up the brain

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