Thursday, December 20, 2018
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Most of us fall into the “average” personality cluster.

Before this year, one of the scientists who went on to argue for the existence of personality types didn’t believe that personality types could even exist. Yet in September, Northwestern University professor William Revelle, Ph.D. and his colleagues presented a controversial study arguing for personality types in Nature Human Behavior. They claim that personalities fall into four distinct clusters that aren’t completely separable: average, reserved, self-centered, and “role model.”

While unscientific personality type tests may tell you something fun, like you’re a Hufflepuff or an INFP, this personality type study is here to tell it to you straight. Case in point: Most of us fall into the “average” cluster. This group scores a bit higher in neuroticism and extroversion than in agreeableness and conscientiousness but is mostly characterized by an average score in all traits. In the video at the top of this article, co-author Luís Amaral, Ph.D. a professor of chemical and biological engineering, says “there is very little to say about average.”