Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Beating Stress – the modern malaise

1. Identify the cause
Is it your job, relationship, living situation or something else? Problems can be divided into three categories: those with a practical solution, those that will get better with time and those outside your control. Learn to focus on the first kind; ignore the others.

2. Move your body
Exercise won’t cure your stress, but it can help to clear your head and make you feel as if you’re gaining some control.

3. Talk it through
If you are the kind of person who is open to advice, find a friend to have a moan with.

4. Ditch the phone
This doesn’t mean put it on “do not disturb” and look at it less: everyone knows that is not a proper solution. Put it in a drawer an hour before bed and ignore it.

5. Clear your head
You can be as sceptical as you like, but research has produced compelling evidence that meditation can help alleviate stress after just eight weeks.

6. Make a list
Having too much to do may cause you to flail around because, if you are moving faster, it feels as if you are getting more done – but this is a false impression. Make a to-do list.

7. Eat healthily and drink water
There is some evidence to suggest that what you eat affects your mood and everyone knows the mood-boosting effects of pizza last only as long as the pizza.