They also fear being labeled ‘special snowflakes’

“Sadly, mental health issues are very isolating. For millennials, this is often compounded by the false, social narrative that has been created about them,” Michigan said. “Not only do they suffer because of mental health problems, they also fear being labeled ‘special snowflakes’ or seen as being spoiled and entitled.”

This is true – and unfortunate, as one of the side effects of this is that those suffering from mental health problems often don’t have the support systems or social connections they need. According to the APA, having a social support system is very important in helping people to cope with stress and other issues. Millennials should be encouraged to seek out supportive relationships both in and out of the workplace. They can accomplish this by:

Participating in employer designed peer to peer support programs
Finding a mentor who can advise them on career related issues including dealing with work related stress and anxiety
Identifying friends who they can approach when they are struggling
Joining support groups
Using the internet and other technology to stay connected