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Ophthalmologist or optometrist ?

Which doctor is best for your eye care?
The answer depends on your needs and preferences.

Exams and prescriptions. Either optometrists or Ophthalmologists may perform eye exams. And either can prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

Special contact lens fittings. An optometrist is often the better option for contact lens wearers. “Optometrists often specialize in difficult contact lens fittings, and are often best for that type of examination,” Dr. Wagenberg says.

Laser and other surgeries. If you’re considering laser surgery or need other surgeries, an ophthalmologist is the right choice. “Otherwise, a good optometrist can handle what a general ophthalmologist can,” he says.

Serious eye conditions. If you have a serious condition — severe macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, for instance — you’ll typically see a specialist (ophthalmologist). If you don’t have any serious eye problems, the choice is really up to you.