Friday, June 22, 2018
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WHO plan to include gaming in ICD 11

The World Health Organization plans to include Gaming Disorder (link is external) in the upcoming International Classification of Diseases (link is external) (ICD-11). The contentious debate of whether or not to include the diagnosis persists beyond the WHO’s decision. International scholars seem to agree that a careful, thorough, and research-informed decision-making process is critical. However, experts continue to dispute multiple points of contention:

  • Can gaming be concerning?
  • Is Gaming Disorder a distinct diagnosis or simply a symptom of an underlying problem?
  • Is there sufficient scholarly support to classify Gaming Disorder?
  • Of the existing literature, is the caliber of the research adequate?
  • Would a diagnosis help individuals who are affected?
  • Will the diagnosis perpetuate stigma?
  • Would the addition cause moral panic?