Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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#Sabotage #Leadership #We #Think #Have #All #Answers

Forbes Now: We Sabotage Our Leadership When We Think We Have All The Answers. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwj6S-9Dk


Do you believe that you have great ideas? Do you think that your point of view is right and other people are wrong? It’s great to be confident, but it’s important to note that we sabotage our leadership and professional growth when we believe that we have all the answers and see no need to gather more information and facts. When we are convinced that our ideas are the best ideas, we then refuse to entertain other points of view. We hire homogeneous teams that don’t challenge us, and we consistently seek out like-minded people to confirm our beliefs.

We build a protective wall to hold dear our point of view. We read articles and books that validate that we’re right. We may even become self-righteous in our opinions and then this self-righteousness becomes our mindset. We are blinded to other ideas and concepts that will help us grow professionally and personally. And yes, maybe we listen to others but it’s superficial because deep down we are so set in our ways that we can’t absorb their wisdom. We are always looking for validation that we’re right and most of the time this is subconscious. This belief, this notion that we have all the answers, threatens our leadership and the viability of our business.