Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Go to sleep

The 3 best ways to get to sleep
1. Get out of bed
Can’t sleep? Get up, go to another room, and read a little, take a bath or try some other relaxing activity. That way, you won’t reinforce the unhappy habit of lying awake all night.

“Lying awake in bed is one of the least productive thing people with insomnia can do,” explains Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer. “It leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of chronic insomnia.”

2. Reset your body clock
Start getting to bed and waking up about the same time every day — even on the weekend and your days off.

“A consistent schedule can help prevent ‘social jet lag’ from following a different sleep schedule on weekends,” says Dr. Drerup. “Just as a cross-country flight can disrupt circadian rhythms as you abruptly cross time zones, social jet lag will upset your body’s biological clock.”

Adds Dr. Walia, “Patients often don’t realize that maintaining a consistent sleep-wake schedule really works.”

3. Write your ‘to do’ list early
To keep “shoulds” off your mind when you’re trying to sleep, write your to-do list early in the evening.

“Later, when the house is quiet, unwind on the couch with a calming book under light from a low-wattage bulb. Sip on some soothing peppermint tea,” says Dr .Waters.

Try these suggestions from our experts to free yourself from the insomnia trap. A new sleep routine may make all the difference for you at night and the next day.