One to One Peer Support

One2One peer support meetings are between a man who has experienced childhood sexual trauma and an experienced, trained peer support facilitator. It is a scheduled meeting, rather than casual, that occurs every two to four weeks and continues until the man chooses to end it. One2One meetings are approximately ninety minutes long and held at a venue mutually convenient to the man and the facilitator. The service is free to men to reduce barriers to access.

The meeting is not counseling, the two men are equals and the facilitator may share his own experience if helpful to the man. The man’s sharing and having it validated contributes to his healing. As sharing continues over weeks or months men can decide what other steps they need to take to move forward with their life.

Some men only attend one session, others may attend many. After four One2One meetings men are eligible to join a support group, if the facilitator decides it is safe for the man and the group. As a result of One2One meetings some men request ‘social work help’ that is in addition to the One2One meetings e.g. support at ACC Sensitive Claims assessments.