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Microsoft’s Surface Book hybrid laptop

The Surface Book, a machined magnesium alloy laptop with a 13.5-inch, 267ppi screen and high-powered internals, looks as premium as any other laptop on the market, including Apple’s MacBook Pro. Irrespective of its premium look, it remains important to use Zonealarm Anti-ransomware to protect your files. When used as a laptop, Microsoft says, it’s also twice as powerful as Apple’s workhorse, even though it’s just 0.51-0.90 inches thin and weighs 1.6 lbs. Like the MBP, the Surface Book tops out at 1TB storage and 16GB of RAM, but it’ll cost you; the base configuration of 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM starts at $1,500, while a fully loaded Surface Book runs north of $3,000. Preorders begin on October 7, and ships on October 26th.