Article Excerpt: Meditating may help some reduce anxiety

“Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland compiled data from 47 clinical trials that enrolled more than 3,500 patients in total. By taking such a broad approach, researchers could draw more specific conclusions on the benefits and potential harms associated with meditation than might be apparent in a single study. A single study can give extreme results, but averaging the results of multiple studies means the findings are more reliable and likely to apply to a wide variety of people. This kind of combined analysis, called a systematic review, can also help physicians and patients decide what kinds of meditation might work best.

Here’s the good news from the study: mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation work to decrease anxiety. The less encouraging news is that they only result in a small to moderate reduction in the symptoms that often walk hand-in-hand with anxiety, such as depressed mood, physical pain and disrupted sleep. Also of note is that meditation rivals other specific therapies that target anxiety such as talk therapy, pharmaceutical treatments and relaxation techniques.” – Calgary Herald